Achieve differentiation with messaging & brand voice

Find out exactly what makes your product different, then connect its value to what your prospects care about using customer research (and that glass of bourbon I'm holding in my hand).

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As the leader of a growing SaaS company, do you have time to write your own content?

Of course not.

And even if you did, writing isn't everyone's thing.

If you're a real pro, you instinctively know when it's time to bring in a specialist.

Copy that gets results takes WORK and specific skills.

1. Understanding the voice of your customers (VOC)

2. Guiding customers through the next stage of buyer awareness

3. Using the decision-making style of your customers (spontaneous? logical? human?) to influence your style and tone

4. Knowing how to optimize your offer to get prospects over the hurdle

The sooner you start implementing data-driven copy, the faster you hit on that winning message that stakes your claim in the market.

I'm ready to stake my claim

Brand messaging, SEO website copy & other relationship-building content for SaaS

Copy Salt (me) works with clients to understand the true value of your solution. No matter how big or small the project, I ask tons of questions. It'll be worth it, I promise. This upfront research will save you money and headaches in the long run trying to fix sub-par copy based on total guesswork. Copy rooted in science rules.

Invest in what works

Claim your territory with words that fit your brand using the language your customers need to hear. For websites, we'll identify the language of your customers to drive important keyword choices for a solid SEO foundation.

Insider SaaS experience

I worked in the trenches as a project manager and associate solutions delivery manager at two SaaS startups in Chicago. Over hundreds of phone calls and design workshop meetings, I listened to customers describe their challenges. It was my job to help configure solutions for their business. I run with this experience in every single copy project.

Pass the Salt

For the first 18 months after founding Iceberg, I struggled to find a writer who could write for a tech (specifically SaaS) audience and understood basic B2B marketing strategy. Then I found Annie! She delivered high-quality content on time and helped me build a strategic content plan. Annie doubled our content output within the first month and we saw a 3x jump in engagement on LinkedIn and our website. She is simply the best we've ever worked with!

- Taft Love, Founder, Iceberg RevOps

Annie acted as a great partner in the process leading to the next stage of our company development. Not only were her instructions clear and turnaround time quick, but she was a tremendous help in honing our vision. The end result not only filled a physical marketing void but also gave us a better story we could take to investors.

- Matthew Lenhart, Founder, Plaza mobile app

Annie is an amazing copywriter and rare find. She was able to jump into various projects, learn about the client and their business, and then turn out content that was a perfect fit for them. This saved me so much time and I was always impressed with the results (I almost never needed revisions on the first draft). Tack on to her copywriting skills her timeliness (never missed a deadline!), professionalism, and great follow up. If you need great copy that gets results, hire Annie!

- Sonja Jobson, Owner, Fresh Coast Creative

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