Unskippable Brand Messaging

A new challenge for your business

Until now, you've focused solely on building your product and getting it out.

Before you know it, you're staring down ambitious new revenue targets.

New level, new devil.

Competition grows every day and the margin for wobbly messaging shrinks.

I call this the Michael Phelps conundrum. When the winning difference between you and your competitors is small enough that taking home the gold comes down to hundredths of a second.

In this case, your messaging needs to be tighter, smarter.

Now's the time to talk to your customers—to get intentional with your marketing for the first time.

Untethered messaging creates a moving target

Without a single source of truth, your product's value changes based on the perspective of whoever's writing. Not only that, who can track what's actually working?

When your value proposition lacks consistency, it forces your prospects to work way too hard to understand your product. Instead of creating a clear path to purchase, your digital footprint becomes a trail of missed opportunities.

A brand messaging strategy puts your differentiators where prospects can see 'em.

I'll be your guide through rich, untapped opportunities that dial in your messaging so it resonates deep in the bellies of prospects destined to love you.

The right brand messaging strategy powers a stable and predictable marketing engine that generates higher-quality leads

A brand messaging strategy is not a luxury item for brands with time to spare. It's a high-value investment with real ROI.

  • Prospects understand what you do = shorter sales cycles
  • Clarity on your target customers = reduce churn
  • Messaging driven by customer data = higher conversions

Together, we'll create a messaging strategy that brings your product's value into focus so you, your sales team, and any content creator will leverage the most natural and effective narrative to communicate your product's value.

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The Unskippable Brand Messaging Framework

What I do

  • Get to know your product from the inside out
  • Talk to customers who love you and underline why in bold red (because you want more of these people!)
  • Sleuth out any untapped messaging opportunities your competitors left on the table
  • Analyze SEO performance and prioritize new messaging opportunities

What you get 

  • Fully written brand messaging guidelines that draw a clear line between your product and all the others
  • An intentional messaging strategy built from the voice of your customers, capturing their deepest needs and your product’s ability to meet them
  • A framework that every employee and contractor can reference when they create content for your organization

The Unskippable Brand Messaging Framework is not:

  • A list of made-up marketing personas that will never get used (don’t get me started)
  • Feel-good words with no practical application
  • A rigid set of rules that in no way relates to customers you’re trying to reach. (In fact, you should gut-check your strategy every year.)
  • A solution to lack of product-market fit
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Power up your messaging in a day, a week, or a month

1:1 Strategy Session: This option is designed for cautious leaders craving feedback on their existing messaging. Is it clear? Is it consistent? How much could it be improved? Get these questions answered before committing to a larger investment.

Unskippable VIP Week: This package delivers the essential components of brand messaging in one week. It gives you a positioning statement and core value proposition, the two most strategic elements in messaging. These are all you need to start writing clear, more meaningful copy.

Bonus x1: Complimentary homepage audit.

Bonus x2: Complimentary brand voice recommendations based on gaps in the market

Unskippable Brand Messaging: Includes everything in the VIP Day, plus I'll write your full brand messaging guidelines. The full package includes brand mission, vision, story, and more.


1:1 Unskippable Strategy Session

1 hour

Find out if you're missing the mark.

  • High-level feedback on existing messaging (e.g. on your website)
  • Specific recommendations on where to focus on first
  • Call recording & notes

"I want a strategist's feedback on the messaging we use today."



Unskippable VIP Intensive

1 week

The heart and soul of brand messaging, done for you in a week.

  • Up to (7) customer interviews (You get to keep the list of secret-sauce interviews questions)
  • Competitor research
  • (1) positioning statement
  • (3) recommendations for value proposition
  • Bonus homepage audit
  • Bonus voice recommendations based on gaps in the market

"I want to move fast. Let's focus on what matters most for building powerful messaging."



Unskippable Brand Messaging

6-8 weeks

All your brand messaging—done for you.

  • Up to (7) customer interviews (You get to keep the list of secret-sauce interviews questions)
  • Competitor research
  • Comprehensive brand messaging guidelines, done for you
  • Bonus homepage audit
  • Bonus voice recommendations based on gaps in the market

"Things like brand mission and brand story are important to us, too. I'd like all the classic messaging components written for us."


The impact of strategy is real.

Annie is a consummate professional who pushes you to produce your best for your business. She sees the gaps between where you are and where you ought to be, then gets you there by advocating for your customer. If your goal is to improve your brand messaging, take your hands off the wheel and trust her to steer. She asks good questions, insists on using data, and crafts copy that I wish I wrote. She recommended that we shift how we sell Slice, and her branding instincts were spot on.

Joe Bellavance, Founder, Slice Content

"My explanations are much more clear and simple than they were in the past because of the time Annie spent boiling down what we do into clear messaging. Both Copy Salt and, by extension, voice of customer data, are the best way for a small business to get branding right in my opinion."

Taft Love, Co-Founder, Iceberg RevOps

"Annie acted as a great partner in the process leading to the next stage of our company development. She was a tremendous help in honing our vision. The end result not only filled a physical marketing void but also gave us a better story we could take to investors."

Matthew Lenhart, Founder, Plaza mobile app

3 signs we'd a make a great team

  • You're ready to invest in brand development
  • You know your audience(s), with data to back it up
  • You're a kind, respectful human who loves sticking to a schedule and understands its impact on project quality


"Do I need a brand messaging strategy?"

Messaging & Voice, Together at Last

Copy Salt's messaging and brand voice services work together by design.

Both take a deep dive into your brand. Both require tough, strategic decisions. Both help you become more relatable to your customers.

The Unskippable Brand Builder makes the most of these efficiencies by combining the best of messaging & voice into one optimized package—so you can walk away with compelling messaging in a memorable voice that's distinctly yours.

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