Declutter Your Messaging

Copy Salt's Unskippable Messaging Framework helps B2B tech companies distill feature capabilities into one compelling message.

Unskippable Brand Messaging

"Annie has a remarkable talent for sifting through a brand’s messiness and distilling what matters most into words that are clear, succinct, and prompt action. If I could hire her full time, I would."

Devon Reynolds, Creative Strategist & Growth Consultant, Bell Curve Growth Marketing Agency

Haven't found The One?

You’re great. But let's address the elephant in the room. Similar products exist, and they’re good, too.

Why should customers choose you? What’s the one primary value worth betting your entire messaging strategy on? Your customers need to know, otherwise, they'll move on.

Unforgettable Messaging for Crowded Spaces

Using customer interviews, we'll pull out the one big idea that’s been there all along.

Your customers will surprise you. That's why they're the single most-inspired source for your new messaging strategy.

Brand Messaging Services

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"This is the fun part, Sweetheart."

- Dusty, Twister

"Annie sees the gaps between where you are and where you ought to be, then gets you there by advocating for your customer. If your goal is to improve your brand messaging, take your hands off the wheel and trust her to steer."

Joe Bellavance, Founder, Slice Content

Manifest the ‘a-ha’ moment for humans destined to love your product

Choose from customized brand messaging, brand voice, or combo packages.

Brand Messaging

Choose from three brand messaging services designed to help you meet your goals.

Brand Voice

Already have a defined voice, or creating from scratch? These two packages got you covered.

Brand Builder

Messaging & voice—combined into one time and cost-saving package. (If this package were a drink, it'd be all straight, no chaser.)

Hi, I’m Annie.

I help growing companies make bold and informed choices on their messaging.

I also completed brand voice training from today's experts to help clients stand out in competitive markets. I can help you create a brand voice from scratch or document an existing voice so marketers can hand off a voice guide to any freelancer or content creator. This way, you can grow a team of writers without compromising your voice or spending hours editing other writers' work.

Copy Salt's messaging & brand voice services fit together by design. Together, we can create a brave brand messaging strategy and build your authority with a memorable voice.

Brand Voice

Q: Do you offer regular copywriting services?

A: Yes! I take on strategic copywriting projects like:

  • Case studies (ask to see samples)
  • Web copy
  • LinkedIn Ads

Q: Do you work with agencies & consultancies?

A: Sure do! Lots of 'em.

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