Strong messaging helps good marketing come naturally

Whether you offer a complex B2B technology or creative product, your messaging can inspire and captivate your customers. I specialize in messaging strategy, website copy, long-form content, and LinkedIn ads.


Sometimes we can't see our own superpowers

Or, we don't know how to articulate them.

Sometimes your superpower doesn't feel like a superpower because it comes so easily. Or your product solves a deceptively simple problem.

Before customers can 'get it,' you have to get it.

Every single one of us shows more confidence when we believe what we say.

Your customers will believe you when you believe you.

Two questions for you ...

Does talking about what you sell excite you? Or, does the whole idea make your stomach flip?

Do you find yourself explaining your product or service in a different way almost every time?

Selling your stuff doesn't have to be this way. In fact, it can feel good.

Hi! I’m Annie Obergefell–
a messaging strategist and copywriter for B2B tech, creatives, and marketing agencies.

Since 2020, I've come alongside business leaders to help them read the tea leaves on how to craft the right message for their audience.

Because we tend to like each other, I often step in as a fractional first marketer—advising on overall content strategy and owning copywriting on strategic projects.



If your goal is to improve your brand messaging, take your hands off the wheel and trust Annie to steer. She asks good questions, insists on using data, and crafts copy that I wish I wrote. She recommended that we shift how we sell Slice, and her branding instincts were spot on.

Joe Bellavance, Founder, Slice


Annie came up with angles I hadn’t thought of. She approaches things similarly and also differently, which brought a new perspective that's been really valuable.

Emma Stratton, Chief Strategist, Punchy


Annie has a remarkable talent for sifting through a brand’s messiness and distilling what matters most into words that are clear, succinct, and prompt action. If I could hire her full time, I would.

Devon Reynolds, Creative Strategist & Growth Consultant, Bell Curve


Specializing in Brand Messaging, Voice, & Content

Messaging Strategy

Tell the story only you can.

Choose from a range of services based on your timing and budget.

Brand Voice

Brand voice is the unsung hero of early-stage marketing. It builds brand equity and helps customers recognize you. A strategic brand voice pairs brilliantly with messaging.


I specialize in long-form content (case studies, ebooks, and guides), websites, and I've been known to write an effective LinkedIn ad or two.


Unlike other fractional marketers with whom we've worked, Annie embedded herself in our org. She came to deeply understand our business, our customers' businesses, why they buy, and what impact we have on clients.

Taft Love, Founder, Iceberg RevOps

If your messaging isn't helping sales, it's hurting them. Let's get you unstuck.

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