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Content is the lifeblood of your marketing. But you didn't start your business to create content all day. I'll take the big-rock projects off your plate.

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Annie is an amazing copywriter and rare find. She was able to jump into various projects, learn about the client and their business, and then turn out content that was a perfect fit for them. This saved me so much time and I was always impressed with the results (I almost never needed revisions on the first draft). Tack on to her copywriting skills her timeliness (never missed a deadline!), professionalism, and great follow up. If you need great copy that gets results, hire Annie!

Sonja Jobson, Owner, Fresh Coast Creative

Case Studies & Guides 📓

Prove just how awesome you are with a compelling case study or insightful guide.

  • Includes:
    Up to two 1:1 customer interviews, two rounds of revisions, and basic design/graph recommendations. (Roughly 2000 words in length)
  • Timing
    Projects typically take 2 weeks.
  • Price


Your case study helped us get a reluctant CEO across the finish line.

David Plutschak, Former Head of Sales, Iceberg RevOps

Websites, LinkedIn ads, & custom projects

Spend more time in your zone of genius without compromising on content creation.

  • Includes:
    Every project includes up to two rounds of revisions. Final deliverable in Google Docs.
  • No blogs or social posts
    I no longer write blogs or social posts unless they're part of a larger package.
  • Timing
    Let's talk!
  • Price


Working with Annie was low-stress and high-impact. The best part of working together was her research-minded approach, which brought new insights into our content that we wouldn't have seen without an outside perspective.

Emily Marquis, Founder, The Elizabethans


I knew copy and brand were important. What I didn't know was that it was possible to work with an excellent brand expert outside the organization. After several failed attempts to work with contractors, I thought it might only be possible to get brand right with an internal hire. That is, until we worked with Annie.

Taft Love, Founder, Iceberg RevOps


I wasn't only looking for a copywriter. I was looking for a big thinker. I could tell Annie had that mindset.

Emma Stratton, Founder & Chief Strategist, Punchy

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