As a messaging strategist,
I place a trail of breadcrumbs between what your customers want and the thing you sell. You know the saying, "It's not what you say, it's how you say it"? In messaging, this is true. Every word leaves an aftertaste. Let's make it a good one!

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Meet your messaging strategist

Where the messaging magic begins

To improve your messaging, I'll speak with a handful of your happiest customers (b/c we want more like them!). If you don't have customers who can jump on a 30-minute call, I'll review your sales calls. I'm looking for patterns across your customers' desires, goals, and struggles. We'll use this feedback to craft messaging for your brand that responds to their deepest desires.

Where you fit in the process

Before I talk to customers, we'll do a deep dive into your product or service. Your expertise, enthusiasm and participation matter here! After the customer research phase, we'll meet for a mini virtual workshop where I'll present feedback and messaging recommendations. You get to decide which path lights a fire deep inside you.

Who I work with

I come from the land of B2B SaaS. Since starting Copy Salt in 2020, I've worked with tech companies all the way to Pinterest marketing experts and business coaches for high-ticket sales. The common denominator across projects where I make the biggest impact is the burning need to find one big idea to carry sales conversations and content.

I also contract regularly with marketing agencies.

What makes us a match made in messaging heaven

Ideally you'll have at least a handful of happy customers or sales calls I can review. You should also have an idea of what makes you different, even if it's later proven wrong!

Strong messaging hinges on your differentiator. I only work with passionate experts who believe in what they sell.

I'm Annie

Messaging is where connection happens whether you sell a complex technology or fine art.

You'll often hear marketers say messaging is about your customer—this is true. But especially in the early stages of business, it's about you, too.

You have to believe your story in order to sell it. I promise to help you bring your messaging into focus so talking about what you sell creates joy, not stress.

A little about me - I worked in B2B SaaS as a project manager and solutions consultant for six years before joining a boutique marketing agency. That's where I crossed over into copywriting and started my own business, Copy Salt, in 2020.

I live in Cleveland, Ohio with my husband, two little boys, and our geriatric dog, Rudy.

Before connecting the dots in messaging, you gotta find 'em

As a Master's student, I looked for patterns in severe storms. My advisor said I raised the bar even for his PhD students.

As a solutions consultant at a B2B SaaS company, I looked for patterns in how people used our new product. I won Top Consultant of the Year.

Now as a messaging strategist, I look for patterns in how customers talk about, use, and find value in your product or service.


Annie is the full package. She's a partner I can trust to act on an executive level of our business.

Brad Mora, Former CEO, Iceberg RevOps


I wasn't looking for a copywriter. I was looking for a big thinker. I could tell Annie had that mindset.

Emma Stratton, Chief Strategist, Punchy


Annie has a remarkable talent for sifting through a brand’s messiness and distilling what matters most into words that are clear, succinct, and prompt action. If I could hire her full time, I would.

Devon Reynolds, Creative Strategist & Growth Consultant, Bell Curve


I've got A's for your Q's

How does a messaging strategist differ from a content marketer?

A messaging strategist specializes in using customer and competitive research to find the core value proposition and supporting messages for your marketing. A content marketer specializes in bringing those messages to life across a company's various marketing channels.

On small marketing teams (1-2 people), a content marketer often learns how to act as a messaging strategist out of necessity by interviewing customers and incorporating feedback into the brand's messaging.  

What process does a messaging strategist follow to understand a brand's voice?

This depends on the messaging strategist! For me, I'm trained in brand voice so my messaging and voice guides go deeper than the average bear's.

If we're creating a voice from scratch, I focus on four areas to crafting your voice - your product, your customer, customer mindset, and competition. I go into more detail in this brand voice blog post.  

If you want to preserve the voice you already have, I use tools to measure your cadence, tone, and vocabulary.

Can a messaging strategist help with both internal and external communications?

This one also depends on the experience and preference of the messaging strategist. I mostly work with founders, CEOs, and small business owners without large head counts or the need for internal comms.

What are the key components of a successful messaging strategy?

Every messaging strategy should include a thorough profile of each customer segment, positioning, a core value proposition, supporting messages, customer proof, customer hesitations and messaging to overcome them, a brand voice overview, and copy examples.  

How often should a business reevaluate its messaging strategy?

Changes that necessitate an update in your messaging come from evolutions in your product, your customers, and/or the competitive landscape. As a rule of thumb, review your messaging once a year for optimum stickiness.  

What results can I expect from working with a messaging strategist?

You can expect to have the time of your life.

The content that gets created using your new messaging guide will prime the pump for more sales by selling your value for you and overcoming objections before you get on a call.  

How do I know if my business needs a messaging strategist?

You might consider updating your messaging if your website conversions are down, prospects aren't 'getting it' on sales calls, the competitive landscape shifted, or your product is changing.

What is the typical timeline for seeing results from a messaging strategy overhaul?

This depends on the speed of implementation and where the new messaging is implemented. Adding new messaging to a sales pitch deck creates a shorter feedback loop than say website copy which can take 1 month+.

How does a messaging strategist measure the success of their strategy?

For the small teams I work with, implementation is where success is most vulnerable to failure. This is why I've added a component to my messaging services that includes content creation (if desired).  

How does a messaging strategist integrate SEO into their strategy?

SEO comes into play when I or a copywriter bring your messaging to life in the actual copy.

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All good things begin with a conversation

Let's find out if I'm the right messaging strategist for you.