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Elevate your ideas into a memorable customer story

Understand your customers on a level every business owner should

Stay true to your vision while selling more


This is someone putting love and care and attention into a problem I'm trying to solve. That's the magic of Annie.

Emma Stratton, Founder & Chief Strategist, Punchy

Marketing is fun when you know what to say

Knowing how you transform customers' lives makes selling and creating content feel a lot less like work and more like a calling.

Find your superpower

"You can't read the label from inside the jar."

It's hard to see ourselves as our customers do when we're knee-deep in the day-to-day grind of the business. As an objective observer, I'll help you find the value you've either under-appreciated or under-communicated.

Connect with your customers

Your customers will see you as an ally who understands their struggles better than anyone else.

Brand Messaging Services

Messaging "Plus-One" Package 🔥

Implementing new messaging is where most business owners get stuck. We'll tackle this blocker by creating strategic content with your new messaging.

  • Includes:
    1:1 customer interviews with transcripts, brand deep dive, competitive research, 90-minute messaging workshop, a one-page case study with a customer of your choice, basic brand voice guidelines, a ready-to-use messaging playbook, and one finished piece of content (homepage, email campaign, how-to guide, etc)
  • Timing
    With customer interviews, this typically takes 6-8 weeks.
  • Price
    $3000+ (varies by number of personas & desired 'plus one' content)

Messaging VIP Week 📸

For those who want to skip the waitlist and get better messaging in a week. (Which is a lot of you, based on my inbox)

  • Includes:
    A streamlined version of the full guidelines. Sales call review, brand deep dive, competitive research, 90-minute messaging workshop, basic brand voice guidelines, and a ready-to-use messaging playbook.
  • One persona or service
    We'll focus our energy on messaging for one product persona or service offering.
  • Timing
    Knocked out within 10 business days
  • Price

Over-the-Shoulder-Messaging Strategist 🪄

1:1 Messaging Coaching - 60 min

  • What we can do
    This is the perfect time to get feedback on your current messaging, advice on where to focus your resources, or test the waters of working together before committing to a project.
  • Price
    $175 / hr
  • I've worked with dozens of brands
    I can spot the highs and lows of messaging on your homepage, in a sales deck, and content. You get to keep the session recording. I'll also draft a prioritized set of actions items to keep you focused.


Annie can think big picture yet understands how to execute. A lot of marketing consultants only give you the plan. Annie does both. She's proved time and again that she understands our customers and the right messaging to drive marketing today. Having someone to connect those dots has been extremely valuable.

Brad Mora, Former CEO, Iceberg RevOps

For passionate founders & business owners who understand the far-reaching value of strategic messaging but don't have the customer base or resources to justify spending $10,000+ on marketing.

What's in a brand messaging playbook?

The brand messaging playbook helps you make the most of your customer's attention. It includes the greatest hits in every messaging strategy—from the one big value you can hang your hat on to overcoming common customer hesitations.

The thing is, even with all this, it can still be a challenge for founders and business owners to find the time to bring their new messaging to life. We'll eliminate this barrier. Early on, we'll decide how I can help you get your messaging off the ground. Wanna tackle your homepage? A how-to guide? Your social calendar? As part of our work together, I'll help you adopt your new strategy.

Anatomy of brand messaging

  • Strategic narrative
  • Target audience
  • Basic positioning elements
  • Value proposition (the big idea)
  • Supporting benefits
  • Differentiators
  • Pain, solution, & transformation
  • Strategies to overcome customer hesitations
  • Competitive messaging
  • Brand voice (this is not just a list of voice descriptors. I'm a graduate of the Codex Academy led by Justin Blackman, today's leading authority on voice. I offer recommendations based on strategic gaps in your competitive landscape. Your voice is a powerful tool for building trust and credibility.)
  • Content samples that bring your new messaging to life


Both Copy Salt and, by extension, using voice of customer data to write copy, are the best way for a small business to get branding right in my opinion.

Taft Love, Founder, Iceberg RevOps


As a CEO who doesn't come from a marketing background, Annie has completely relieved the marketing gap. She's able to capture what the founder and I are trying to say when we're talking to customers but can't find the right words. She's able to pull it out of us and craft it in a way that speaks to our scustomers. She understands our customers better than we do.

Brad Mora, Former CEO, Iceberg RevOps


Annie’s ability to understand the intent behind what our clients say is top notch.

Devon Reynolds, Creative Strategist & Growth Consultant, Bell Curve

Put a little soul into how you sell

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