Messaging & Copy Resources for the DIY Founder

Articulate your value so customers get it, want it & love it.

Simplify to Sell: The Essential Messaging Framework [+ FREE GUIDED TEMPLATE]

Ditch the guesswork with this guided template—it's like GPS for your messaging.


Persona vs. Solution vs. Vertical:

Which B2B Messaging Framework is Best for You?

Struggling to develop an effective B2B messaging framework? Discover the three main approaches - persona, solution, and vertical - and learn how to choose the right one for your business.

5 Building Blocks of a Successful First Marketing Strategy

Growing a small business is tough. The sooner you get intentional about your marketing activities, the sooner you'll discover what actually works.

5 Brand Messaging Best Practices

Find out what matters (and what doesn't) for creating and launching a successful brand messaging strategy.

The Busy Person's Guide to Better Messaging

For B2B founders and leaders in DIY mode (or those with very small team—here's a focused approach to better messaging.

4 Brand Voice Exercises to Elevate Your Style & Strategy [FREE GUIDEBOOK]

Discover how to turn your brand's voice from just another brand attribute into your secret weapon.

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