Gray Digital Group

Messaging & Web Copy

GDG is a full-service digital advertising agency, but they'd been pigeonholed as a web development shop. Agency owners wanted to shift this perception with fresh messaging on GDG's website. We created the brand platform "Purposeful Digital Marketing."



Messaging & Web Copy

Slice founder Joe Bellavance developed his writing studio to help writers stay focused and produce better work.

Joe needed help crafting a story around the 'why' of Slice and distilling its benefits into one core value—"Simplify your writing projects."

Iceberg RevOps

Messaging & Web Copy

Ask ten people what RevOps is, and you'll hear ten different answers. In such a dynamic industry, we revisited Iceberg's messaging often.

Other RevOps agencies are vague about their services. Iceberg wanted to make it clear what they do using direct, specific language. – "Sales & marketing operations for early-stage growth."


Messaging & Web Copy

HCX is an alternative investment platform for an entirely new asset class—human talent. Communicating this revolutionary new concept requires thoughtful education and finesse.

I worked with the team to create their first messaging strategy and brought it to life with copy on the new website.

Meagan Williamson

Messaging & Web Copy

Meagan Williamson is THE Pinterest marketing expert. For real. She's one of the very few independent consultants trusted by Pinterest itself to lead trainings for creators. She's been in the game for more than ten years.

Meagan wanted to revamp her About page to showcase her holistic approach to Pinterest and digital marketing as a practice. Together we crafted new messaging and copy on the website.

Nutrifuel Nutrition

Messaging & Web Copy

Fresh Coast Creative is an agency that specializes in StoryBrand. We used the StoryBrand approach (hero's journey) to craft a meaningful and clear narrative around their client's (Nutrifuel Nutrition) products and services for the homepage.

"If your goal is to improve your brand messaging, take your hands off the wheel and trust Annie to steer. She asks good questions, insists on using data, and crafts copy that I wish I wrote. She recommended that we shift how we sell Slice, and her branding instincts were spot on."

Joe Bellavance, Founder, Slice