Words are ants...

Grunting up a hill. Each one needs to carry supplies for the colony to survive. In brand copy, every word should serve a purpose set by thoughtful strategy.

Yep, words are like ants. Teeny, tiny little workhorses for your business. 

Here's how to make sure those workhorses carry their weight:

+ Match the language used by your audience.

+ Speak to them based on where they are in their awareness of a problem and solution.

+ Integrate psychologically-based conversion principles that drive word choice and design.

There are no shortcuts to good copy. 

We need to dig in.

As a former SaaS project manager, you can count on me to be proactive, clear, communicative, and risk-averse. (Aka overly anxious but you'll never know. ;) )

So, what do I know about brand messaging and copywriting for SaaS?


As a professional services consultant for 5 years, I helped clients see the value of SaaS at sales enablement and marketing automation software companies.


Since then I've worked with startups, mid-size SaaS companies and creative advertising agencies on new brand messaging, website copy and content marketing.


I lived the turbo-charged advertising agency life for a year and a half as a project manager and frequent copywriter.

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Both Copy Salt and, by extension, using voice of customer data to write copy, are the best way for a small business to get branding right in my opinion.

— Taft Love, Founder of Iceberg RevOps

Hi, I'm Annie.

Almost every copywriter you meet will share a story full of twists and turns about how they came to be a copywriter. Mine falls right in line.

I have a Bachelor's in Geology and a Master's in Atmospheric Science. After finishing graduate school, I landed my first grown-up job at a SaaS startup in Chicago. Makes sense, right? Nope, but the economy was terrible and I never heard back from any of the environmental positions I applied for. Thank God, because it was all part of my journey here.

I've always loved writing but shoved it to the side for science and technology. Still, I hunted down every copywriting project I could at both SaaS companies I worked for and eventually took a role as a project manager at a small but mighty advertising agency with tons of creative opportunities. After having my son, I decided to do copywriting full-time and founded Copy Salt.

My favorite thing about copywriting for SaaS? The challenge of transforming technical concepts into munchable human value. It never gets old. My ambidextrous left/right brain is hooked.

My second favorite thing? It requires a close relationship with a client. I love to come in and help SaaS companies with limited bandwidth take a deep breath and reach their goals.

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