Messaging comes first

As a messaging & brand voice strategist, I help brands determine their positioning and value proposition first so customers care about what you say.

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Basic messaging questions teams struggle to agree on

  • “Is our product really what we say it is?”
  • “Are we focusing on the right audience?”
  • “Are we communicating our value in the best way?”
  • “Do we know what our customers say?”

The early-stage clients I work with often don't have defensible answers to these questions. They move fast. No one's had time to dig really deep into messaging. You sense something is missing ...

That's where I come in. ✋

I serve as your guide for developing the building blocks of your marketing. Together, we cut through wobbly messaging and stake your claim with decisive authority. Developing all the essential bits like your positioning statement, value proposition, and voice. This way, you increase the value of every single future piece of marketing content.

The best copy comes from what you can't see on the page

Positioning: How customers think of your product.

Messaging: Your core value, optimized for the eyes of your target audience.

Copy: What customers see after you've wrestled with positioning & messaging.

When it comes to messaging, strategy is the unskippable step. The right messaging strategy leads to more successful sales calls, helps prospects ‘get it’ faster, and attracts more of your top customers.

What do I know about brand messaging for SaaS?


I worked directly with B2B SaaS clients as a solutions consultant at two startups.


I lived the turbo-charged advertising agency life for a year and a half as a project manager and frequent copywriter.


I've worked with startups, mid-size SaaS companies and creative advertising agencies on new brand messaging, website copy and content marketing.

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Both Copy Salt and, by extension, using voice of customer data to write copy, are the best way for a small business to get branding right in my opinion.

— Taft Love, Founder of Iceberg RevOps


The most rewarding experience during messaging projects happens when I share customer research with a client and they say, "I never would have thought that!"

Your customers will surprise you. They experience value in ways you'd never realize when you work so close to your product.

Whether it's because your own team doesn't have the time or you need to compete at a higher level, a messaging strategy is the Unskippable Step.