B2B messaging from someone who's actually worked in B2B*

*Two SaaS companies ✌️ to be exact, and I won Top Consultant of the Year.

Now, I’m a messaging strategist. But a better way to say it is -

I help companies get unstuck.

Because being stuck ... stinks.

Worried you're saying too much, too little, or the wrong thing entirely. Feeling like you're fighting for scraps when your product is great and customers love it.

I believe in the power of three.

Your messaging, your voice, and a damn good case study.

These are the workhorses of marketing. Slow-release vitamins. Elemental initiatives that filter through every inch of your marketing. Get them right early and improve the value of every marketing project down the road.

I keep my services at an accessible price point for new and emerging businesses.

"Annie puts love into messaging. This is someone putting love and care and attention into a problem I’m trying to solve for a client. That’s the magic of Annie."

- Emma Stratton, Founder & Chief Strategist, Punchy

Think your tech can't sound snazzy and fun? Bring it on.

I'm a scientist 👩🏻‍🔬

I have a in Master's in Atmospheric Science. I love technical topics. Physics, fluid dynamics, computer programming? I’ve done it. So don’t hold back. It's my job to spin tech talk into messaging gold.

I worked at two SaaS startups 🚀

I know what it’s like inside the walls of a startup. I also know what it’s like to work with customers on implementing SaaS products. This gives me a deeper sensitivity to how we capture user experience in your messaging.

I'm an agency veteran 🎨

I work with reputable B2B agencies all over the US on messaging and copywriting projects.

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